Siddhar Nayanar Trust

Siddhar Nayanar Jeeva Samadhi Temple is 120 years old. With continuous infrastructural development over past 120 years, the temple fell 4 feet short of current road height. During rainy season water rushes from road into temple and causes huge water log. During Summer major part of the temple premise is open to hot sun. Seekers and followers of Siddhar Nayanar find it hard to gather and conduct their Poojas, Meditation. A Trust was required to take responsibility of renovating the 120 year old Jeeva Samadhi temple.

Mahan Saangu Siddha Sivalinga Nayanar Jeeva Samadhi Renovation Trust was formed and legally registered on 27th November 2018 with registration number 526/2018. Below are the pictures of Registration Certificate and Trust Members. Trust is making every effort to renovate the temple, keeping temple Garpa Graha untouched, so that every follower irrespective of the Climate can gather and conduct their poojas, meditation without any hindrance.



Magaan SaanguSiddha Sivalinga Nayanar

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