Birth of Siddhar Nayanar

It was 18th Century. British rule was slowly spreading across India. In South India, in Chennai, there was a well versed Siva Bhakta, who was working in famousLord Siva temple. He was blessed with baby boy and he was named as Arangayar.Arangayar was very sharp child. His father ensured that Arangayar has all knowledge of Vedas, Spiritual Practices and Divine worshipping methods. Arangayar being a sharp child became an expert in all Vedas and Practices. He was even honored as “Thatuva Sastri” for his expertise in all Vedas and Practices.

Arangayar was also a great devotee of Lord Shiva, who always saw every being as one. He realized everyone is equal in front of God and he never encouraged any caste, religious discrimination between people. Having no discrimination in his thoughts, words and work, he feel in love with a woman who, similar to Arangayar, was intelligent, smart, loved everyone equally, felt that in front of God everyone is equal. Her name was Kullammal.
Arangayar, being a revolutionist, married Kullammal, moved to Bringamalai (Mountain where Bringa Maharishi lived), which is now called St. Thomas Mount. The Couple was blessed with baby boy who they named as Sivanlingam. Siddhar Sivalinga Nayanar was born in year 1835.

Education of Siddhar Nayanar

Similar to his Father, Arangayar wished his son should be expert in all Vedas, Spiritual Practices. In line with great saying “As Father so as son”, Siddhar Nayanar like his Father Arangayar, gained expertise swiftly in Vedas, yajnas and spiritual practices. Siddhar Nayanar finished his education at very early age. But from Childhood, he immersed himself in spiritual discussions and discourses. He was so interested in Spiritual scriptures that without any guidance, at age of 11, he read all Spiritual scriptures that shared knowledge of Brahmam.

From age 11 to 13, he read all Gnana poems and scriptures written by 18 Siddhars. At age of 16he finished reading and gained expertise in Manu Dharma Sastra. By age of 20, he read through all Gnana Sastras and scriptures. He understood knowing one is equal to knowing everything. He went around like Mad to gain Brahma Gnana and know about Brahmam which is everywhere, in every micro, macro organisms.

In Search of GURU

Without GURU’s Guidance nothing can be pursued (especially spiritually). Siddhar Nayanar searched intensely for a GURU, from whom he would like to hear, understand and be guided to realize Brahma Gnana. In India, there is a famous saying “WHEN THE DISCIPLE IS READY GURU WILL APPEAR”.
Siddhar Nayanar, as he kept reading many books, came across a book which only spoke about Brahma Gnana. The mere words in the book, made Siddhar Nayanar realize what he is, his true form is. The name of the Book is “OZHIVIL-ODUKKAM”, written by Saint “SEERKAAZHI KANNUDAYA VALLALAR”. Rather saying as written, it would be apt to say a reflection of “ATMA GNANA” by Saint.
Siddhar Nayanar heart fully surrendered to GNANA GURU “SEERKAAZHI KANNUDAYA VALLALAR” as disciple. He contemplated on the book continuously. His mind never searched for any book or for Brahma Gnana. He built temple for his GURU in his heart, worshipped him day and night.
Siddhar Nayanar, after completely surrendering to his GURU, he realized he is Brahmam. He is not different from Brahmam and Brahmam is not different from him. Brahmam is only one. He realized and saw himself everywhere. He understood this can happen only when a disciple has been completely taken over by GURU. With immense devotion and love towards GURU, he scripted the book “POORNAA-NANDODAYAM”. In the book, he shares how he was completely taken over by his GURU “SEERKAAZHI KANNUDAYA VALLALAR”.
People hearing Siddhar Nayanar’s discourses on Gnana and about his work “POORNAA-NANDODAYAM”, called him as SAANGU SIDDHA SIVALINGA NAYANAR.

Siddhar Nayanar’s Marriage Life

At age of 20, Siddhar Nayanar’s parents decided that he has reached the age to start a new life. Yes, they decided Siddhar Nayanar should get married. They looked for an apt girl.
In 1855, Siddhar Nayanar married a girl named “Velayi” and due to his work requirement, he moved to Jaganathapuram, Chetpet in chennai. In 1864, the couple was blessed with a baby boy. He was named “Umayalinganaar”. Couple of years later, they were blessed with another baby boy. He was name “Rengeyar”. Based on search, it is understood that Umayalinganaar worked in famous book shop of Chennai “Higginbothams”.

Siddhar Nayanar’s Worklife

Siddhar Nayanar worked as an assistant to then British Leader “Clement Simpson” who was Managing Director of the Company named “Benny and Company”. It is recorded that though Siddhar Nayanar was married and worked as an assistant to a British, he never deviated from his spiritual practices. During free time, he gets into an undisturbed room and immerses himself in Deep Meditation, forgetting this materialistic world. By his continuous practice and expertise in Meditation and Navakanda Yoga, he was naturally gifted in foreseeing Future.

Siddhar Nayanar’s Miracles

Siddhar Nayanar, by his continuous practice and expertise in Meditation, Gnana and Navakanda Yoga, he was naturally gifted with Yogic power of foreseeing Future.
By this Yogic power, he saved Clement Simpson many times from Danger and Death. Below are few incidents.
One day after dinner, Clement Simpson was heading towards his bedroom for his night sleep. Siddhar Nayanar felt a dangerous incident is about to happen in that room. He immediately requested Clement Simpson not to sleep in his regular bedroom as something weird is going to happen. But Clement did not respect Siddhar Nayanar’s words and went ahead to sleep in his regular bed room. He went into deep sleep. But Siddhar Nayanar was totally disturbed within. Not worried about the outcome, Siddhar Nayanar, with help of other workers ensured Clement, along with his bed, was moved to another room undisturbed. After a short while, the roof of the bed room crashed down, creating a huge terrifying sound. Clement jumped out of his bed to see what happened and was shocked to see he was moved from that bed room and saved. Seeing Siddhar Nayanar’s Yogic power of foreseeing the future, he was dumbstruck.
On another day Clement, when he was working, received a telegram from London. The telegram stated that his wife is undergoing delivery pain and the situation is so critical that either baby or mother can be saved. Reading the message, Clement went into deep worry and he shared the message to Siddhar Nayanar. Siddhar Nayanar went inside a room and requested not to open the room until he says so. After a while, Siddhar Nayanar came out of the room and communicated to Clement that his Wife and son are safe and healthy. It is said that, Siddhar Nayanar with his Yogic Power, took over Doctor’s body in London and ensured that delivery happened without impacting Mother and baby. After couple of days, Clement received another telegram reading what Siddhar Nayanar confirmed the other day. Reading the Telegram, Clement jumped into happiness and accepted Siddhar Nayanar is a great Yogi.
A similar incident happened on another day. Clement received a telegram from London that his son is suffering from high fever. His recovery from fever has shown no progress and requested him to start immediately. Clement shared the message to Siddhar Nayanar and requested him to make arrangements for him to start. But Siddhar Nayanar, requested him not to panic and confirmed that very soon another Telegram will come confirming that his son is fit and fine. Clement trusted his words and did not continue with his arrangements. As guaranteed by Siddhar Nayanar, couple of days later another telegram reached Clement confirming that his son is fit and has completely recovered from illness.
Clement Simpson, a man from west, who just only believes what science confirms, was blessed to witness many Siddhar Nayanar miracles. One fine night, when Clement was at his bed, he saw a lizard. He immediately ordered his maids to kill the lizard and throw it outside the house. Siddhar Nayanar lovingly told Clement that for every being there is a connection in this world and this lizard is here to meet his lady love who will come through a parcel from London. Hearing this Clement, though witnessed many miracles that Siddhar Nayanar has exhibited, thought of testing his words. He informed his friends about this and they were too eager to see the test. After couple of days, as per Siddhar Nayanar’s words, a parcel from London arrived for Clement. Clement called upon his friends and all gathered to see whether Siddhar Nayanar’s words are true. Clement and friends went inside the room where the Lizard was and ordered that all doors and windows to be closed. Clement was about to open the parcel and the Lizard on the wall raised its head. When the parcel was opened, in no time, a lizard jumped out of the parcel went straight up the wall and joined the other Lizard. By this incident, Clement friends too witnessed Siddhar Nayanar’s yogic power of foreseeing the future and they were all surprised.

One day Clement was afflicted by unidentifiable illness and his Doctors tried their best to help him recover. Clement was very badly affected by this illness and he became bedridden. His Doctors after trying their best, confirmed that he can never recover and he is nearing death. His friends and workers know that Siddhar Nayanar with his Yogic power can help Clement, personally requested Siddhar Nayanar to help Clement to recover from illness. Siddhar Nayanar out of universal love and sincere request from his friends and workers, sat in meditation and requested one of his worker to bring a small pot of water. Siddhar Nayanar took the sacred ash(vibuti) in his hands, closed his eyes for a while and then mixed the ash in the water. Requested Clement to drink the water mixed with ash. Siddhar Nayanar then saw Clement with his yogic eyes from head to toe and requested him to go back to his bed. Next day morning, all were surprised and happy to see Clement woke up from his bed and was getting back to normalcy. Clement friends thanked Siddhar Nayanar and praised his Yogic qualities. After completely recovering from illness, Clement fell at Siddhar Nayanar’s feet and praised Siddhar Nayanar from his heart.
After the above incident, Clement showed sincere respect for Siddhar Nayanar and never disturbed him when he was in deep meditation. In many occasion, when Siddhar Nayanar goes into deep meditation, Clement used to see what he is going. One fine day, when he peeped into the room, he was surprised to see Siddhar Nayanar was 2 feet above the ground in deep meditation.
With being gifted continuously to witness Siddhar Nayanar’s miracles, Clement decided to dedicate a separate room for him for his meditation. Clement also ensured that Siddhar Nayanar gets lifetime income and recorded in books that he should get monthly incomewithout any hindrance. Also for Siddhar Nayanar to continue his effort of spreading Gnana to people, he bought 22 acres in Guindy and gifted the same to Siddhar Nayanar.

Clement and his family loved Siddhar Nayanar a lot and became his devotees. They loved Siddhar Nayanar so deeply that they took a family photograph, having Siddhar Nayanar seated in middle. When it was time for Clement to leave India permanently, he sorrowfully asked how he will come to know when Siddhar Nayanar leaves the earthly body. Siddhar Nayanar in reply, gave his photograph, requested to have it framed and hanged in middle of his house. When the photograph falls down from the wall, it is a message to Clement and family that Siddhar Nayanar has left the earthly body.

Siddhar Nayanar’s Spiritual works

In the land which was gifted by Clement, Siddhar Nayanar started a Gnana Sabha in the name “Thirugnanasambandhar Madalayam”. Through Sabha, Siddhar Nayanar delivered many Brahma Gnana discourses, taking Brahma Gnana to ordinary ignorant people. He made big efforts in helping seekers with Brahma Gnana, Yoga, Siddha and Bhakti.
Seekers hearing Siddhar Nayanar’s discourses and spiritual works, wanted to surrender at his feet and be accepted as his disciples. But Siddhar Nayanar has his own way of selecting disciples. He puts the seekers into many tests before accepting them as disciples.
Siddhar Nayanar will get coins from the seekers who wants to be his disciples, converts those coins into Gold coins through his yogic power and gives back to them. Seekers who restrains to accept Gold coins and wanted only to be his disciples, will be immediately accepted as disciples and blessed with Brahma Gnana Upadesam. Seekers who gets the coins from Siddhar Nayanar, will be blessed and sent back to lead a normal life.
One day Siddhar Nayanar was heading towards a Sabha in Triplicane, to deliver a spiritual discourse on Brahma Gnana. Hearing that Siddhar Nayanar is in Triplicane, one of very famous trader, Munusamy ran to Siddhar Nayanar and fell at his feet. Munusamy requested Siddhar Nayanar to accept him as disciple and free him from this worldly life. Siddhar Nayanar after looking deep into his eyes, uttered the word “Let it happen”. After that, Siddhar Nayanar put Munusamy into many tests to ensure he is totally ready to unwind himself from worldly life. Understanding that Munusamy is much matured and ready, he accepted him as his disciple and blessed him with Gnana Upadesa. Munusamy showed great eagerness to realize his true nature and he progressed so rapidly that Siddhar Nayanar was very happy with his knowledge on Brahmam. He changed the name of Munusamy and called him as “NIRDHISAIYANANDHAR”. Siddhar Nayanar, deeply immersed within, being selfless, being the true form of Brahmam ensured that the people who seek him for Brahma Gnana realizes their true nature. Siddhars in India have their own way of sending a message to the world of their Spiritual State/Experience. Siddhar Nayanar too has given a message which if continuously contemplated will guide us towards Brahma Gnana. His message is “உன்னுள்உத்தமனைகாணும்வழிசாகாகல்வி”(You are Brahmam and Practice (Knowledge) which helps you realize that Truth is the True Eternal Knowledge).

Siddhar Nayanar Attaining Jeeva Samadhi

Siddhar Nayanar, though outwardly led a normal family life, inwardly he was detached from worldly life. He was alwaysin the state of Brahmam and never fond of money, material, possessions. The lifetime pension arranged by Clement as a token of love towards Siddhar Nayanar, he never kept for himself. He distributed to needy and poor people. He was very generous and loved everyone equally. Siddhar Nayanar, with great Yogic Powers, understood that the time has come for him to attain Jeeva Samadhi (The Highest Yogic State where Siddhar consciously lives through astral body and blesses his disciples who surrender to him, even after being buried. Nature will serve at Siddhar’s feet and ensure his body is untouched by De-composition) and communicated the same to his Disciples the time when he will attain Jeeva Samadhi. Siddhar Nayanar after blessing all his disciples and followers with food, Brahma Gnana and love, attained Jeeva Samadhi on 12.7.1900, a Full Moon Day. (Tamil Year – Sarvari, Tamil Month – 29th Aani, Nakshartram – Moolam, Thethi – Pournami).

Poojas at Siddhar Nayanar Temple

After Siddhar Nayanar attained Jeeva Samadhi, his disciples and followers have raised a temple like structure, which is also 120 years old and everyday Poojas has been performed. Every year during the Tamil month Aani, when Moola Nakshtra glitters on a Full Moon Day, Maha Gurupooja will be performed in a Grand Manner. Annadhana will be offered the entire day on Siddhar Nayanar’s Maha Gurupooja.

Apart from yearly Maha Gurupooja, monthly Full Moon Day (Pournami), No Moon Day (Ammavasai) and Pradhosa Poojas, weekly Thursday and Sunday Poojas are performed followed by Annadhana.

On Every Full Moon Day (Pournami), Yagam (Fire offering) will be performed as per ancient Tamilzhan method followed by Abhishekham and Anadhana. All his followers donate materials for Yagam and participate without fail.

Siddhar Nayanar’s Temple

Of the 22 acres of land donated by Clement Simpson, only 1200 sq.ft of land is available and Siddhar Nayanar’s Jeeva Samadhi temple is in that available 1200 sq.ft. Rest of the Land has been occupied by people permanently for their purpose. Siddhar Nayanar’s spiritual work like Discourses and classes are continued till date on every Thursday at 6 pm. Discourses will be mainly on Gnana, Yoga, Natural Medicines, Natural Foods for healthy and spiritual living.
At Siddhar Nayanar temple, Abhisheka Vibuti (Ash) and a glass of pot water has always been a miracle medicine curing many illness. For people who rush to Siddhar for cure from intolerable illness, Abhisheka Vibuti (Ash) and a glass of pot water will be offered and miraculously they will also be cured of illness. It is purely Siddhar Nayanar’s miracle and this has been shared by followers who flock at his Jeeva Samadhi temple.


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