Maagan SaanguSiddha Sivalinga Nayanar

Siddhar Nayanar’s message to this fast moving materialistic world is “உன்னுள்உத்தமனைகாணும்வழிசாகாகல்வி” (You are Brahmam and Practice (Knowledge) which helps you realize that Truth is the True Eternal Knowledge). People afflicted by so-called worldly loss and sufferings, serenity is assured when they surrender at his feet. This is the true experience which every Bhakta has shared at his sanctum sanctorum.

At Siddhar Nayanar’s peedam, his abhishekha ash (vibuti) and pot water has always been and continues to be a miraculous medicine for every Bhakta who surrender at his feet for cure from diseases. This is an explicit truth which they shared from their heart.

Seekers of truth,when they sit and meditate at Siddhar Nayanar’s Peedam, are blessed with the Highest Knowledge of Brahmam.Siddhar Nayanar is lovingly called as “Tatta” (Grandfather) by his devotees. His followers place Siddhar Nayanar as God Father of their family, seek his blessings in every part of their life.

With an effort that every seeker should be blessed by Siddhar Nayanar, with his blessings, here is our small effort to share Siddhar Nayanar’s Biography

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Temple Renovation

Magaan SaanguSiddha Sivalinga Naayanar

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Magaan SaanguSiddha Sivalinga Nayanar

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